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Not Lovin’ It: Fast-Food Worker Fired for Taking Bath in Restaurant Sink

We love Wendy’s. We love their Twitter account. We love their fresh, never frozen beef. And we unabashedly love their spicy chicken nuggets. That being said, we may need to rethink our passion for Dave Thomas’ daughter’s namesake, because it seems the fast-food franchise continues to hire people who like to bathe in their industrial kitchen sinks.

A video was recently shared on TikTok that featured an employee of a Greeneville, Michigan, Wendy’s scrubbing himself in the restaurant’s “power soak” sink while fellow employees looked on. One helpful coworker even threw a washcloth at the bather, ordering him to “wash yourself.” Once the video was released, a spokesperson for the local franchise said that all of the employees involved had been fired and that they were taking precautions to avoid potential “Calgon moments” in the future.

A similar incident happened at a Florida restaurant as well, eliciting the same corporate lingo designed to put our minds at ease, while not directly addressing why they don’t do background checks that include “serial bathing” transgressions. Still, we can’t help but look a little sideways at the person handing us our 10-piece nuggets now. And, of course, the biggest disappointment is that while Wendy’s’ HR department has responded to the incident, their hilarious Twitter account has remained silent.

Cover Photo: Goodboy Picture Company (Getty Images)

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