Grounded: Researcher’s Eagle Racks Up Huge Phone Bills From Roaming Fees, Can’t Explain Itself

Russian researchers just got trolled by a rogue eagle named Min after the wild animal wiped out the team’s entire operating budget in one fell swoop. The trouble began last year when the team fitted Min and 12 other endangered stepped eagles with tracking devices designed to continuously ping each bird’s location. But the mischief-maker of the bunch quickly disappeared into Kazakhstan where there’s zero cell phone coverage.

Five months later, Min returned, along with thousands of messages that had racked up massive roaming charges. When asked to account for his behavior, Min just shrugged his little wings and said, “I wish they all could be California gulls,” before heading South to Iran. Luckily for the research team, their telecom company offered to waive the roaming charges just this once. Maybe next time, instead of worrying about oversexed eagles, the scientists should research a better phone plan. Check out all the latest animal news below.

Photo: Anton Petrus (Getty Images)

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