Travis Barker
VENICE, CALIFORNIA - JUNE 19: Drummer Travis Barker performs onstage during the Machine Gun Kelly x NoCap Shows secret concert at Venice Beach on June 18, 2021 in Venice, California. (Photo by Scott Dudelson/Getty Images)

Travis Barker Reveals Skull-Shaped Tooth Gem on Instagram (We Get It, You’re a Badass)

Travis Barker really doesn’t need to do anything else to convince us he’s a badass. He’s already tattooed from head to toe, plays drums like a madman for Blink-182, survived a plane crash, and is dating Kourtney Kardashian. And yet, it would appear he’s on a mission to prove just how edgy he can be.

His latest endeavor? Dental work. We know, that doesn’t sound badass at all, but somehow even Barker can make teeth intimidating. The 45-year-old recently debuted new incisor bling – specifically a diamond-covered skull gem – on Instagram last week.


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“Maybe the coolest dude on earth @travisbarker and I actually made him cooler with this skull,” wrote Dr. Thomas Connelly DDS, who created the custom porcelain crown, alongside a pic by photographer Clemente Ruiz.

The rocker invested a jaw-dropping $8K on the masterpiece for his mouth.

“He came to me a few months ago, he wanted something cool,” Connelly told E! News. “He wanted something people hadn’t done before.”

Kardashian accompanied him to the appointment, and Connelly claims, “She loves it, too. She thinks it’s hot.” (There’s something creepy about a dentist commenting on hotness, no?)

Kardashian would approve of the bespoke chompers; it wasn’t that long ago she showed off her own sparkly dental work. All the better for love bites, we suppose… (Eww…)

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