Paralympian Olivia Breen Shamed For ‘Too Short’ Shorts by Race Official (We Insist There’s No Such Thing)

Do people on sports committees hate hotness? It would seem that they do, given all the censorship of women’s uniforms, hairstyles, and other aspects of their appearance. The latest athlete under fire is Olivia Breen, a 24-year-old world champion paraathlete who was told by an official at the English Championships that her briefs were “too short and revealing.”

The incident happened after she competed in the long jump. She was thanking the officials for their help and support when one approached her and asked if she could talk to her.

“I was like yeah, what’s the problem?” Breen recalled on BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour program. “She said ‘I think what you’re wearing is very revealing and I think you should consider buying shorts.’ I didn’t know what to say I was left speechless and my first thought process was: ‘Are you joking?'”

“It made me feel really angry and it’s very wrong,” Breen continued. “You know they can’t comment on what we can and can’t wear.”

Judge for yourself if these shorts look too short:


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“They are like high-waisted bikini bottoms,” she told BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour programme. “I’ve worn them for nine years, I’ve never had a problem and we should feel comfortable with what we wear. We want to be as light as possible when we’re competing, not having to feel heavy, and to feel comfortable. We should just wear what we’re entitled to wear.”

No explanation needed here, Olivia. In fact, we’d like to opine that there is no such thing as too-short shorts.

Cover Photo: Ashley Allen / Stringer (Getty Images)