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BERLIN, GERMANY – FEBRUARY 10: Jonah Hill attends the 'Mid 90's' Photocall at the 69th Berlinale International Film Festival Berlin on February 10, 2019, in Berlin, Germany. The Berlin film festival will be running from February 7 to 17, 2019. Nearly 400 movies from around the world will be presented, with 17 vying for the prestigious Golden Bear top prize. (Photo by Manuel Romano/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Jonah Hill Bewilders Gullible Internet With ’50 and Thriving’ Joke Photo, People Truly Not Meant to Survive This World

Jonah Hill junk punked the entire internet – but not everyone got the joke.

The Superbad star recently posted an Instagram pic that stupefied his fans. In the snap, he’s barely recognizable with a deep tan (or is it a sunburn?), bleached blonde hair, face fuzz, and big black glasses. His newly thin frame was clothed in a white shirt, black jeans, and slip-on shoes.

“50 and thriving,” he captioned the post.


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There’s just one problem: the actor is only 37. And yet, he does kind of look like an old white guy, a la George Hamilton.

Fans moved quickly to fact-check the caption.

“*Instantly Googles jonah hill’s age just to check*” one commented.

“Same I was trippin for a second,” said another.

“Me too, I was like, WHAT NO? JONAH HILL IS NOT 50….” someone else chimed in.

The moral of the story is: people on the internet are incredibly gullible. But what was behind Hill’s jokey post isn’t clear. While some praised the movie star’s suave new look, dare we say we prefer the pasty, overweight, curly-haired version of Hill? He seems more like the kind of guy we’d wanna be friends with than this bleached-blonde, slip-on shoe-wearing mofo who spends too much time in the sun.

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