Johnny Depp’s Home Burgled By Liquor-Stealing Intruder, Sounds Suspiciously Like Johnny Depp

Burglars these days are really making themselves at home. And celebrities seem to be prime targets. For the second time this year, Johnny Depp’s mansion has been burgled – though this time, the burglar helped himself to Depp’s extensive liquor cabinet and exquisite shower facilities.

Everyone’s favorite Scissorhands has had a rough couple of years after a high-profile divorce led to an even higher-profile court case ruling Depp a wife-beater. But even before all the bad publicity, Depp has been known to enjoy a bender or two.

The actor who spends $30,000 a month on wine, no doubt has an impeccable collection of spirits worth sampling. And the $300,000 a month he spends on staff is rumored to include a few on-call drinking buddies – meaning Depp’s hilltop manse is no stranger to LA’s finest vagrants.

All of which casts doubt on the veracity of this latest invasion. According to neighbors, a dark-haired man was spotted milling around the pool of the actor’s Hollywood Hills estate. The suspect then jumped a fence, gaining access to the main house. But rather than purloining the prized possessions of a triumphant thespian and making for daylight, the thief decided to unwind with a spritz and a shvitz.

Police are still unsure if Depp was home at the time of the break-in. Maybe they should take another look at the suspect they have in custody.

Cover Photo: ERIC GAILLARD (Getty Images)

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