PARIS, FRANCE - MARCH 12: (EDITORS NOTE: Image contains nudity.) Corinne Masiero speaks on stage during the 46th Cesar Film Awards Ceremony At L'Olympia on March 12, 2021 in Paris, France. (Photo by Pierre Villard/Pool/Getty Images)

Actress Protests Naked at French Oscars, Finally a Good Reason to Watch Award Shows

Awards shows have always been a drag, but never more so than during the pandemic, when much of the action – and the artists themselves – had to be streamed in virtually. But a French actress has given us a brand-new reason to tune in to such programs, and it’s one that every awards show should incorporate more of from here on out: nudity.

Her name is Corinne Masiero, and she recently took the stage at the César Awards (aka the French Oscars) dressed in faux donkey skin and a blood-stained dress. She presented the award for Best Costume, then proceeded to undress.

Photos: Pool and Dominique Charriau / Stringer (Getty Images)

“No culture no future” was written on her bare torso while her back bore the message “Give us our art back, Jean,” a jab at French Prime Minister Jean Castex.

All this was in protest of theater and cinema closures that have been in effect since Oct. 30. Creatives have been protesting the restrictions and demand “a reopening of cultural places, in compliance with health rules,” according to a press release by students at the National Theater of Strasbourg.

While the French government is sympathetic to the plight of artists, as evidenced by dropping an additional 20 million euros ($24 million in U.S. dollars) to support the arts, it’s also trying to slow the spread of Covid, which had killed 90,146 people in the country as of last week.

Meanwhile, French Karens (shall we call them Chloes?) continue to complain that their liberties, like that of watching crappy movies in public with strangers, are being infringed upon.

“Without political will, we won’t be able to preserve our system, which is so virtuous,” producer and director Stephane Demoustier told CNN. “My children — who are 6 and 8, wonderful age — can go to Zara but not the cinema… it’s incomprehensible.”

Maybe, Stephanie, that’s because shopping trips can be relatively fast and don’t require removing a mask, while movies these days can go on as long as three hours and involve people eating and drinking in close quarters.

But whatever. Like we said, we’re mostly excited about the prospect of Masiero’s naked protests catching on in the U.S. and giving us a very enticing reason to watch awards shows again.

Cover Photo: Pool (Getty Images)

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