The Buffalo Bill House From ‘The Silence of the Lambs’ Is Now a Bed and Breakfast, Maybe Skip the Free Lotion to Avoid Nightmares

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If you’ve never seen The Silence of the Lambs and you’ve only seen clips or the trailer, you might assume that Hannibal Lector (played to creepy perfection by Anthony Hopkins) is the main antagonist. In fact, while he’s a deeply disturbed, cannibal serial killer, he actually aids Clarice Starling (played by Jodie Foster) in catching the notorious serial killer known as “Buffalo Bill.” Interspliced are scenes at the aforementioned “Buffalo Bill” house in which he has a woman and her dog trapped in a makeshift well that was dug in his basement.

He gave her a bottle of lotion and told her to put it on her skin. He’s not concerned about dry skin in an old basement, he wants to prime her skin because he plans to remove it and use it to make a “skin suit.” This whole ordeal terrified us. But, if you were thinking, “Man, I’d like to take a vacation to that house,” you finally can.

Chris Rowan, who works as a theatrical art director in New York City recently purchased the house, located just outside Pittsburgh, for a surprisingly low $290,000. Just in time for the iconic movie’s 30th anniversary, Rowan plans to convert the spooky house into a horror-themed bed and breakfast.

According to the New York Post, the house is still filled with the original décor and furniture sure to delight the most fanatic fans. It still has old-fashioned wallpaper, hardwood floors, pocket doors, and wood trim and the outside still looks the way it did in the 1991 film.

To complete the experience, Rowan will need to make some major changes to the basement. This is the area where most of the creepy action took place. This is where “Buffalo Bill” keeps his victims in a hole in the ground. They didn’t actually film in this part of the house, those scenes were filmed off-site so Rowan will need to dig a hole and make a few, terrifying alterations to the basement.

As long as “Goodbye Horses” immediately plays when you enter the basement, we’ll be completely happy. We’d pop our head in, but we definitely don’t want to stay overnight there. What about you?

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