Josh Brolin Sips Coffee in His Birthday Suit, Claims ‘A Life Will Judged by How Often You Were Naked’

How do you define success? Is it determined by how much money you have? Owning a home and a car? How fast you scale the corporate ladder? Having a happy family? For actor Josh Brolin, the metric is much simpler: how much time you spend in the buff.

The 52-year-old Avengers: Endgame star recently posted a pic of himself wearing nothing but his birthday suit on Instagram. In the shot, Brolin is lazily sipping coffee in the nude while lounging on a patio chair outside of a red RV. The snap was taken by his wife, Kathryn Brolin, as the sun rose in the background.


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“At the end of the day a life will judged by how often you were naked,” the caption reads. “Nobody told they meant metaphorically.”

At the time of the writing, the nude had racked up over 259K likes as well as comments by fellow celebs like Taika Waititi and Frank Grillo.

Brolin certainly has no reason to be shy – he’s in incredible shape. But we’re surprised he’s so chillaxed. His wife is expecting the couple’s second baby any day now. It will Brolin’s fourth child; he has two adult children from a previous marriage (one of whom is only a year younger than his current wife…ahem).

Maybe he’s just an old hand at this – and by “this” we mean fatherhood, fame, and life in general. And, oh yeah, hanging out naked.

Cover Photo: @joshbrolin (Instagram)

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