RANKED! Our 10 Favorite Trump Impressions (Just as Alec Baldwin Says Farewell to His)

It’s official. President Donald Trump will be out of office as of Jan. 20, 2021. As much of a victory as this is for the entire country (and even the whole wide world) it’s a loss for the entertainers who have impersonated him for the last four years. Say what you will about the 45th president of the United States, but you can’t say he wasn’t a perfect target for oh-so-many jokes.

With Trump’s eviction from the White House, many a comedian and actor will be out of a job – at least when it comes to Trump impersonations. Alec Baldwin is the most public of them, though according to a recent tweet, he’s just fine with that, thanks.

In honor of all the epic performances the worst president in the history of our country has spawned, these are our 10 favorite Trump impressions, ranked!

Cover Photo: NBC

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