John Krasinski Captain America Deep Fake Just Shows Us We Need an All-Krasinski Avengers Reboot


For years, the world only knew John Krasinski as the sarcastic, dopey character of Jim Halpert on The Office on NBC. With his floppy hair, constant pranks on office mate Dwight Schrute, and puppy love for receptionist Pam Beesly, he was the kind of guy we all wanted to work with. While we enjoyed this oftentimes heartfelt, humorous character, we believed that the actor would likely be typecast as similar characters for the rest of his career. And then, out of nowhere, A Quiet Place premiered and everything changed.

That dramatic thrill ride of a performance made us realize that John Krasinski might have more in his acting bag than simply a stapler encased in Jell-O. Then, he was cast as the bad-ass CIA analyst Jack Ryan in the action-packed show of the same name streaming on Amazon. This and a few other dramatic roles have made us realize that Krasinski can pretty much play any character he wants.

A great example of this is a recent deep fake of Krasinski replacing Chris Evans as Captain America. While Krasinski didn’t actually have anything to do with this, it’s obvious that if he had been cast as the superhero instead of Evans there would be very little if any drop-off.

In fact, Krasinski has said in interviews that he auditioned for the role and obviously didn’t get it. Now, we get to see what it looks like if he was cast in the iconic role.

This brings up one thought. What if someone took the whole unnecessarily long Avengers: Endgame and replaced literally every character with John Krasinski? Would it be the undeniably greatest movie ever made? Well, we won’t know unless someone does it.

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