Bella Thorne the First to Earn $2 Million (in 2 days) on OnlyFans, Bodes Well For the Next Generation of Role Models

Bella Thorne’s ship to superstardom was the Disney Channel series Shake It Up. Those days are long gone. Since, droves of fans have watched her take the path seldom traveled by Disney princesses; becoming, of all things, a porn producer. Now she has new fans—OnlyFans.

The actress’ debut on the monetized, NSFW version of Instagram sent shock waves across the internet. Generating $2 million dollars in a matter of days, Ms. Thorne crashed OnlyFans. For the first time in ages, that skeevy guy down the hall was awarded an abrupt moment of lamentation, realizing the depths of his loneliness. However, this “crash” isn’t the only devastating effect of Thorne’s OnlyFans saga; her page has sparked an economic crisis for the site, the likes of which we haven’t seen since…well, present day.

Thorne (or whoever runs her OnlyFans) teased the existence “nudes.” For the lump sum of $200, her subscribers could look at these “nudes (PPV).” The only problem: there were no nudes. So many horndogs ended up requesting refunds that OnlyFans has changed their payment policies. Sex workers can now charge no more than $50 for PPV, get tipped a maximum of $100, and have to wait a month for payouts (as opposed to a week). Going theory: OnlyFans can’t afford to pay CeCe Jones (aka Thorne’s character from Shake It Up).

Naturally, Throne’s competitors are pissed, but there’s more at stake here than the penny-pinching of x-rated entrepreneurs. Throne’s unnecessary (she’s already rich) transition into OnlyFans correlates with a number of A-list celebrities hijacking the pornographic site. Instagram has already normalized scantly-clad self-promotion—models banking millions off of the solely superficial. OnlyFans is that, just honest about it. While there’s nothing wrong with this (more power to you if you can pull it off), the normalization of this by Thorne and other celebrities doesn’t necessarily bode well for the next generation of role models…or maybe it does?

Because hey, as Shake It Up’s theme song states, “Don’t knock it ’til you rock it.”

Cover Photo: Stephane Cardinale – Corbis (Getty Images)

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