Michael Imperioli and Steve Shirripa ‘Talking Sopranos’ Rehashes Standard-Definition TV in Modern Podcast

It’s been 13 years since The Sopranos ended and fans still won’t fuhgeddaboudit. The show was a rare blend of comedy, drama, and middle-aged Italian guys “oh”ing at the top of their lungs. At its heart is James Gandolfini as Tony, the titular psychotic mob boss with the heart of Homer Simpson. While Gandolfini has been shaking down angels since 2013, his legacy lives on. A whole new generation discovered the show during this extended sort of lockdown. For new or old fans who want more, at last some relief has arrived.

No, it’s no sequel or prequel we’re repping, though SNL did a hilarious bit on Tony in high school. What we’re talking about is the new podcast Talking Sopranos. Michael Imperioli, aka Christopher Moltisanti, and Steve Schirripa, aka Bobby Baccalieri, host. They share everything from behind-the-scenes antics to insider insights into the story. If you want the real 411 on Tony’s fate or just to hang with the gang again, it’s worth a listen. The first episode landed like a big salami in April. The pair of paisanos have pumped out 18 more since. They’ve interviewed writers and actors, busting many balls in the process. Talking Sopranos will go through every one of the 86 episodes before it’s done. So, why not listen now before the Mob sends Paulie to slap you upside the head?

Cover Photo: Donald Kravitz (Getty Images)

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