Meanwhile in New York: Comedian Caught Dipping Hot Dog in Beer Is No Joke at All

The hot dog is a sacred thing, especially at the ballpark. Drizzle it with ketchup and mustard or pile on the sauerkraut, chili, or cheese sauce, but don’t you dare dip it in anything – especially not beer – unless you want to face serious backlash.

Don’t believe us? Just ask New York comedian Kareem Rahma, who went viral after getting caught on camera at Yankee Stadium dipping his plain, bunned hot dog into a cup of Bud Light.

“Arrest this man,” demanded Nicholas Heller (aka @NewYorkNico) on a Twitter post that showed Rahma caught in the act.

The clip was favorited by over 27.3K people at the time of this writing and sparked a slew of commentary on the internet.

Haters mostly posted GIFs of your favorite celebrities dry-heaving. Others didn’t see what the big deal was.

The beer-dipped hot dog debacle made it as far as The Tonight Show, where host Jimmy Fallon and guest Elisabeth Moss taste-tested the brewski-dunked glizzies themselves.

That’s what pushed Rahma over the edge and inspired him to defend himself. The former Midwesterner explained to Mel Magazine that he was trying to recreate a Wisconsin delicacy otherwise known as a beer-soaked brat.

“So I was at the Yankees game with my friend Teddy, and I was missing home,” he told the site. “I haven’t been home for a long time. I was like, ‘I should get a beer and a dog and just do a little dipping.’ Usually, I use ketchup and mustard, but I didn’t want ketchup or mustard in my beer, so I went with a plain hot dog, which is very rare and very gross.”

So he tried to spice things up a little. Can you blame him? Besides, the real issue here is food shaming. It’s not OK, people! Let the man enjoy his wiener however he wants!

“I believe that no one should be made fun of for their preferences,” Rahma said. “Some people have fetishes. Some people like pineapple on pizza. Some people like to dip their fries in milkshakes. And I wouldn’t make fun of anyone for any of it.”

Well, now, we can’t promise we won’t make fun of anyone for their food preferences, but in this case, we think this guy deserves a pass.

Cover Photo: Twitter


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