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Young Baseball Fan’s Hilarious Rookie Hot Dog Fail Goes Viral (Let This Be a Lesson, Dads)

Part of the duties of being a dad is teaching your children certain things, whether that’s how to throw a ball, ride a bike, or hock a loogie. One essential skill dads should also school the next generation in is how to eat a hot dog at a baseball game.

Nowhere was the necessity of knowing how to eat a wiener in the midst of a bustling stadium during an MLB game on clearer display than during a recent match-up between the Chicago White Sox and the Detroit Tigers. A 4-year-old named Matthew Hoobler was enjoying the game on his family member’s lap when, during a moment of inattention, he bit into the side of the bun and the hot dog rolled off the other side and right onto the stadium floor. (Eww…)

The kid immediately realized his mistake and smacked himself in the face. Meanwhile, his family members were likely mourning the loss of what was probably at least a $6 meat stick.

The clip of the hot dog fiasco went viral, amassing over 2.3 million views on Twitter at the time of this writing.

Ah, but what followed wasn’t just your typical collective moaning and groaning over the mishandling of a hot dog (for which actually provides guidelines in order to avoid such a tragedy). Instead, a hot dog stand cleverly dubbed The Wieners Circle, which is based in Chicago, came to Hoobler’s rescue and offered him and his family all-you-can-eat hot dogs to fill the hot dog-shaped hole in their hearts.

The Wieners Circle even went one step further and hosted Hoobler in order to teach him proper wiener etiquette.

All’s well that ends well in the processed meat department.

But let this be a lesson, dads: teach your children well, especially when it comes to hot dog consumption.

Cover Photo: Twitter