Mandatory Hacks: TikToker Shows How to Cleverly Steal Portion of Someone Else’s Sandwich Without Getting Caught

Photo: anaimd (Getty Images)

Hacks that are designed to make our life easier are a big deal on the internet. If you have a video explaining how to open a beer bottle without an opener, showing us how to pump gas without holding the handle until our fingers go numb, turn a milk carton into a watering jug, or helping us steal our loved ones’ food without being caught, we’ll watch it. The latter is what we’re most interested in. That’s why we were so stoked about a TikToker whose video was recently trending.

In the short video, a TikToker named @hannahsmithhhh explains the very simple way you can steal a nice bit from someone else’s Subway sub with them being totally oblivious to your theft.

@hannahsmithhhhHow to eat his food without him knowing. Ladies, take notes #couples #fyp @thedisgruntledssg♬ how would they know bad girls club – Chris Gleason

Text appears on the screen that reads “What he doesn’t know won’t kill him” as she’s seen taking a knife and cutting a portion out of the middle of her mate’s sub. After she removes the slice, she simply pushed the remaining pieces together. It’s so simple it’s absolutely unfathomable that we’ve never thought of this before. Unless the person you’re stealing from has a photographic memory when it comes to sub size, there’s a pretty good thing they won’t notice.

The video ends with her significant other as he noshes on his sub, unaware of the devious theft that just occurred. The best part? This hack doesn’t only apply to Subway subs. It works with every sub. Just don’t try it with a cheeseburger or a panini. It probably won’t work quite as well.