TikTok Hack Shows You How to Perfectly Butter Your Movie Theater Popcorn

Is there anything you can’t learn to do on TikTok? (Wait a minute. Don’t answer that.) Seriously, though, the only social media platform worth logging onto right now has a tutorial for seemingly absolutely everything, and today we’re going to focus on one of the most delicious ones. It’s a video that’s gone viral because it shows you how to perfectly butter your movie popcorn.

Yes, the pandemic is over, the movie theaters are open, and you better believe we’re going to spend as much time as we can this summer in a dark cineplex stuffing our faces with sweet and savory snacks. But if you’ve ever gotten your popcorn with that irresistible, artery-clogging butter that you can only find at the movies, well, you know it doesn’t always get distributed evenly on the kernels.

But that travesty ends today! And it’s all thanks to TikToker @colleenlepp.

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All you need is a straw (which you obviously have for that bucket of soda you’re about to down). You simply position it between the stream of butter and your bucket of popcorn and let that magical golden liquid go through the straw and down to the bottom of your popcorn container. Basically, you’re buttering the crunchy movie-going snack from the bottom up.

“I love butter popcorn but I hate when the butter is only at the top,” the TikToker explains. “So I use a plastic straw all the way down in the popcorn bucket to get the butter to the very bottom and all the way through.”

Viola! Perfectly buttery and bingeable movie theater popcorn. Just make sure you grab a wad of napkins before you take your seat because this could get messy.

Cover Photo: @colleenlepp (TikTok)