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Mandatory TikTok Trends: ‘Traditional Wife’ Accounts Are Crushing the Patriarchy With Laughs, OK Ladies You Win

There’s a TikTok genre for every type of person. From prim and proper to porn-worthy, there’s a community just waiting to be your audience on the popular social media platform. But one subgenre is confusing users – and providing laughs along the way.

It’s called “traditional wife” TikTok, and it features women being subservient – and satirical? – to their husbands on camera.

Some of the videos seem to feature women who genuinely care about pampering their men, like this one from @madfitmaddison, which shows all the loving things she does for her Mr. before he even wakes up.

@madfitmaddisonThe lil hand squeeze at the end when he wakes up #marriedlife #happywifehappylife

♬ Up Beat (Married Life) – Kenyi

“Here’s how I start my husband’s day off right,” Maddison says. She begins by writing down three reasons why she loves her hubby, then fills his water bottle, makes him a smoothie, pours him a cup of aloe juice, and prepares an iced coffee for him. (Dude loves his morning beverages, apparently.) After cleaning the house, Maddison puts on Christian music, then wakes her husband “with a little hand squeeze.”

This extreme pampering is almost to the point of being Stepford wife-esque – and TikTokers were not kind in their reactions, slinging the word “servant” around in response to Maddison’s morning routine. The backlash was so brutal, she had to turn off the comments on her video.

Ah, but satire of this kind of perfect wife TikTok rages elsewhere on the social media platform, like this video from @nicolemmatt, who asks, “If you don’t make your husband coorsmilk what are you doing with your life?”

@nicolemmattIf you don’t make your husband coorsmilk what are you doing with your life? #momlife #sahm #blessedbethefruit #coorsmilk #blessednotstressed

♬ original sound – Nicolemmatt

Others are more subtle, like a pair of videos from TikToker @cheesedaily. While on the surface they appear to be food prep tutorials, in fact the narrator uses her time to spout off about spousal relations. In this one, she says, “While I was on my knees this morning tying my husband’s shoes before work, he says he received an electricity bill and it was extremely high, and he wants the children and I to start using candles for lighting,” while preparing a beefy, cheesy sandwich packed with Flamin’ Hot Cheetos.

@cheesedaily♬ original sound – Cheese Daily

In another video that showcases a drool-worthy breakfast sub, the TikToker states: “While my husband has been away with his mistress, I’ve been living life to the fullest.”

@cheesedaily♬ original sound – Cheese Daily

While we believe grown-ass men can make their own damn coffee in the morning, we do appreciate that the traditional wives of TikTok have inspired some hilarious parodies — and food porn! Keep doing your thing, traditional wives, and we’ll keep enjoying the ways other people make fun of it.

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