Researchers Uncover Secret to Happiness, It’s Right Under Your Nose (And Quite Refreshing)

Researchers just found the key to happiness and unsurprisingly it’s not money, power, or even Instagram followers. The key to happiness is just a few glasses of water per day. That’s right, literally drinking a few extra glasses of water is the best way to increase your overall happiness and might even make you more successful.

The study, from OnePoll on behalf of Bosch Home Appliances, was created to determine how drinking water (or lack thereof) impacts a person’s joy and zest for life. They surveyed 2,000 Americans and asked them a series of questions. The most interesting involved the number of glasses of water people drink in a given day.

They wanted to learn just how much water was enough to tip the scales in favor of happiness. What they found was that people who imbibed six or more glasses were most likely to agree that they’re

“very happy.” While it might not seem like a high percentage, 41 percent of those folks said they strongly agreed that they were really happy.

On the flip side, of people who drank one or fewer glasses of water, only 12 percent strongly agreed that they were very happy. While a poll saying that you should drink more water isn’t really groundbreaking, our mothers have told us to drink more water since we were little kids, the study also showed that people who drank six or more glasses of water woke up feeling tired less often than those who drank less than one glass.

If you needed another example of the benefits of water, those who drank six or more are the most likely to describe themselves as successful. Go-getters chug water and stay hydrated. If that’s not enough to get you to drink water, we don’t know what will.

Photo: Oscar Wong

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