Gummy-Bear Flavored Pickles Are This Year’s Lump of Coal For Holiday Stocking Stuffers

Over the years, we’ve tried our fair share of “gummy” candies. From sharks, to root beer bottles, to sour worms, there’s no limit to potential flavors of gummy-based candies. In the hierarchy of gelatinous candy, the king of all gummies is the iconic gummy bear. These multi-flavored gooey, chewy bears are the perfect way to recapture the nostalgia of a childhood long gone. But what if someone took your favorite childhood treat and infused its flavors into pickles? Not gummy pickles, but actual pickles that taste like gummy bears.

That’s exactly what the folks at Texas’ One Stop Pickle Shop did and for some reason, we’re intrigued. We already enjoy sweet pickles so why not gummy bear-infused pickles. Sweet, sugary, sour, and tart all at once. It’s like a sweet-tart pickle. We can get behind that.

Photo: One Stop Pickle Shop

We’re so intrigued by these strange pickles, we’d order some to give as stocking stuffers. Even though the naughtiest of your friends, family members, and co-workers deserves a stocking filled with weirdly sweet pickles, right? Through the site, a bag of “Gummi Bear Pickles” is only about $5.

Plus, if you’re not willing to give this sugary, sweet pickle a try, the brand has other options. These include “Razzy Blue,” “Hott Stuff,” “Cherry Bomb,” “Queen Pina,” and even classic “Bread-N-Butter.” Why not stock up on a few bags of different flavors and have a socially distant pickle party this holiday season?

Photo: One Stop Pickle Shop

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