Cinnamon Toast Crunch Creates Magical ‘Cinnadust’ Spice For Your Home (Basically Cinnamon With a Sprinkle of Crack)

Photo: Cinnamon Toast Crunch

In recent years, it seems like every food item that has “dust” of literally any flavor is being packaged to sprinkle on other foods. If it isn’t already packaged, it probably will be soon (We’re looking at you Flamin’ Hot Cheetos.) Kraft is now selling powdered cheese in a shaker to use to make its iconic mac and cheese or simply sprinkle over pizza, eggs, make cheesy milk, eat it by the spoonful, or whatever other strange things you want to do with it. But, while we’re sure you’ve stocked up on this cheesy nightmare, the newest “dust” comes directly from the Saturday mornings of our youth.

B&G Foods, makers of the beloved mess of a cereal called Cinnamon Toast Crunch, has decided that the time is finally right to sell the sparkling, sweet dust that covers the aforementioned cereal. They’re calling it “Cinnadust” and it consists of cinnamon, sugar, along with hints of vanilla and graham cracker. So, it’s pretty much a condensed, powdered version of the breakfast cereal. It almost sounds like a drug, but you should probably stick to sprinkling over things.

If you like sweet treats, you’ll probably want to stock up on this powdered magic. Use it for what it’s intended and make some cinnamon French toast. Or, dust your favorite ice cream, sprinkle it over your favorite dessert, or like the mac and cheese dust, eat it by the spoonful.

According to People, you won’t have to wait long to sprinkle nostalgia on all of your favorite foods. It will be available for purchase beginning on Sept. 1. But you’ll have to be a member of Sam’s Club to get it because it’s only going to be sold at the big box chain for now. If you can wait, it’s anticipated to be available at grocery stores from coast to coast in the spring.

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