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Tyga Bites: Rapper Launches Chicken Nugget Delivery Service

Celebrities aren’t exactly known for crossing over into the food space successfully (ahem, Trump Steaks, Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s chocolate bars, Hulk Hogan’s Pastamania!), but we’re going to give rapper Tyga’s new venture the benefit of the doubt. Why? Because it looks freakin’ delicious. It’s called Tyga Bites, and its specialty is bite-sized baked chicken nuggets, delivered right to your door.

But wait! There’s more! These aren’t just your average chicken nuggets because celebrity chef Eric Greenspan and restauranteur Robert Earl were brought on board to help the Grammy-nominated artist bass boost the flavor. The antibiotic-free, boneless, oven-baked nuggets are coated with three unique “spice dusts”: black garlic, lemon black pepper, and peri-peri (a mix of tangy, sweet and spicy).

Tyga Bites

Photo: Tyga Bites

If that isn’t enough titillation for your taste buds, the nuggets come with 12 different dips in flavors like mango habanero, garlic parm, and chunky blue cheese. Round out your meal with Tyga Tots (in regular or sweet potato varieties) and mini chocolate chip cookies. That’s a food coma if we ever heard one (and would like to partake in as soon as possible).

You can only get a taste of this “virtual dining concept” through Grubhub, but delivery is free on orders of $15 or more for new Tyga Bites customers all month long. Give the nuggets a try; we’re sure you’ll be singing Tyga Bites’ praises in no time.

Cover Photo: Tyga Bites

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