Chuck Norris Will Crash Your Quarantine (For a Price), And Other Celebrities You Can Rent With New App

We’re all getting a little lonely during coronavirus quarantine. Who wouldn’t want to just pick up their phone and see a friendly face? Now you can, with the Cameo app. But the people you’ll find there aren’t your average Joe. They’re celebrities, like badass martial arts expert and actor Chuck Norris.

For a mere $300, you can get a personalized message — for yourself or for someone whose day you want to brighten — from Norris. The messages are short and scripted and low on production value, but if you need to break up the monotony of quarantine, it might seem like a worthwhile splurge. Don’t want to drop a few hundred? There are other famous faces on the app that’ll play puppet for you for less. Ernie Hudson from Ghostbusters will charm you for $135 and Kate Flannery (Meredith) from The Office is game for $145.

Other athletes, comedians, drag queens, gamers, models, musicians, YouTube and TikTok stars are all available for hire, some charging as little as $15 (though we doubt you know who those ones are). Even animals are down to send you a little cheer. If you’ve always wanted to hear your favorite celeb say your name, now’s the time to capitalize on all the famous people out of work and looking to fill the quarantine time…and make a few bucks while they’re at it.

Cover Photo: Gilbert Carrasquillo / Contributor (Getty Images)

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