Fun Run: This Chuck Norris 5K Race Encourages Look-Alike Costumes

Photo: Sean Gardner (Getty Images)

Have you ever wanted to dress like Chuck Norris? Have you also ever wanted to dress like him and run a distance race at the same time? Boy, do we have some news for you.

This coming spring, you’ll get your chance to dress like the martial-arts legend and run a race where in the end you get to meet the man himself. The CForce Chuck Norris 5K will have its inaugural race on May 4, 2019, at College Station, Texas, and we know Mandatory Nation will show up in droves. Cue the Walker: Texas Ranger theme music.

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The race is being put together for a few great reasons. For starters, the event will donate proceeds to Norris’s foundation, Kickstart Kids, to help build character in youth using karate kicks and judo chops. Secondly, Mercy Project, an organization working to end child slavery, will also see funding from the race. Running with your Delta Force for charity is a great way to spend a day.

While the charity angle is great and all, the most compelling reason for the race is to set a world record for most people dressed like Chuck Norris in one place. Now that’s some damn incentive if we’ve ever heard it. Give us our karate gis with Texas-size belt buckles so we can run this race.

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Prizes will be awarded for best costume, so it’s best to break those flannels and cowboy pants out from the closet. Grow that beard if you want, but the event will literally have some fake ones there for you to wear. We can’t wait to show up and beat up bad guys so do like we are and sign up here.