10 Celebrities Who Would Actually Make Great Presidents of the United States

Photo: Andreas Rentz/Getty Images for Paramount Pictures

Let me go ahead and start by saying that I identify as an Independent, and I intend on showing no bias when making this list. My sole intention is to hopefully give you a look at some names you never thought of with all the celebrities coming out and talking about their potential candidacy in the 2020 Presidential election. There will be one or two you’ve thought of before, but I tried to put together a list of realistic option that could actually provide some value to the position of President.

I’m looking at education level, how outward they are politically and in activism as well as their leadership capabilities; at the end of the day, the President is supposed to be our leader. With so many celebrities out there attempting to use their platform to make a change for the better in America, it’s only natural I will miss a few deserving names and if I do, be sure to let me know in the comments.

10. Chuck Norris

My reasoning is simple…Chuck Norris. The memes would be legendary and would any other country in the world even consider screwing with us with Chuck behind the desk? Nah, he’d roundhouse kick’em through a wall. All seriousness though, Norris is a veteran who served in the Air Force and has been a long-running supporter of the Republican party. Norris would make for an amazing leader for the American people, but unfortunately, he is low on this list due to his stance on Gay marriage – it’s not good -which would hurt his support from America as a whole.

9. Dwayne Johnson

The only celebrity on this list who actually has put his name out there for a potential presidential campaign run in 2020. Johnson would be using his charm to try and garner votes, but he is dealing with a severe lack of experience but he seems to genuinely care about the country and would relish the opportunity to be open-minded and try and help America in any way he could. He’d have a lot of work to do, but obviously crazier things have happened.

8. Alec Baldwin

Let’s not pretend that his Trump impersonation isn’t some of the finest acting this year, but it’s not just his impersonation of the current President that put him on my mind for this list. He has never been shy about his leftist political views; he also ran for class president during his time at George Washington University. His stance as an animal activist is something that I’ve grown to admire about him. Even through all the scandals, you can tell his heart is in the right place. Baldwin has admitted he has considered a career in politics but has never spoken directly about a potential Presidency run.

7. Rob Riggle

Some may not be aware but Riggle is actually a retired U.S. Marine after 23 years of service and if your of the opinion that a President should have experience in the military then that should speak volumes to you. While it would be odd to have a President whose most famous role was having his – I’m gonna be super immature here – his ding-dong shot off in 21 Jump Street, he’s more than just a funny man with a masters degree in public relations from Webster University.

6. George Clooney

Here, we have a die-hard democrat who has made his opinions well known throughout his acting career with extreme leftist views and his resounding support of former President Barack Obama. His education resume is not as extensive as others on the list but he has been a leading man in humanitarian work in Darfur, Syria and the Armenian Genocide. Clooney’s natural charm would also be key in attracting votes if he were to ever run for President.

5. Tim Tebow

This might come out of nowhere, but Tebow has actually discussed the possibility of becoming a politician in the future and a degree in family, youth and community sciences from the University of Florida would make him an ideal candidate for those looking for a President who values family and American lives. If you’ve never watched football then you wouldn’t know how inspiring of a leader this man is and how his natural charisma is infectious and could lead to a strong personality in office.

4. Kerry Washington

We have a highly intelligent woman with Washington, a graduate of George Washington University double majoring in anthropology and sociology. She is an avid gay rights activist and is vocal with her membership in the Creative Coalition, which is a board of actors, writers, musicians, and producers that explore issues that are at the forefront of national discourse. Washington also has some family ties to politics with her mother’s cousin being former U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell.

3. America Ferrera

I won’t lie, I think it’d be amazing to have a President with the name America, but Ferrera is one of the more intelligent actresses in Hollywood with a degree from the University of Southern California, double majoring in theater but more importantly for the means of this list, international relations. Well-educated and very active in women rights and the rights of Latinos in the United States. She may be young at thirty-three but is doing a lot to help her own causes and would make an interesting candidate if she ever chose to take politics seriously.

2. Anderson Cooper

Cooper has been a long running TV host and been talking politics for as long as many of us can remember. He attended Yale University and majored in political science. Honestly, this choice makes too much sense not to have it on here, sort of surprised it hasn’t been brought up more often. This would also make Anderson Cooper the first openly gay President of the United States.

1. Conan O’Brien

Believe it or not but the goofy red-headed comedian graduated from Harvard University magna cum laude majoring in history and literature. My reasoning for having O’Brien as my top celebrity who should run for President is just simply because I find him to be one of the most intelligent men I’ve ever heard speak. In college, my instructor had us watch O’Brien’s entire commencement speech for Dartmouth College where he essentially summed up life with beautiful quotes delivered with passion that you’d never expect from the comedian.

When his show Conan goes into other countries like South Korea and Isreal you see just how in touch he is with political issues even though he tries not to debate on politics. He always shows a genuine concern for the lives of all people not just Americans and I greatly admire that about him. O’Brien is a man with intelligence that exceeds that of many Americans and I think he would end up shocking the world and winning an election if he attempted.