Photo: Sam Morrison

Trump Tweets for Your Feet: The Latest Footwear for an Absurd Administration

Photo: Sam Morrison

Regardless of your personal politics, one thing’s certain about President Donald Trump, he changes his mind a lot. Or at least his tweets indicate his flip-floppiness. Artist and photographer Sam Morrison decided to go all-in with this concept and take these tweets and make actual flip-flops out of them. Yes. The kind you can wear on your feet. They’re called President Flip Flops.

Morrison explains, “With President Flip Flops, people can finally do what our president does best: ‘Go back on your word, one step at a time.’ Take a scroll through the President’s ~40,000 tweets and you’ll be sure to catch some contradicting opinions…Carefully curating two of his opposing tweets onto each foot in three separate versions: Electoral College Edition, Sources Edition, and Syria Edition.”

Photo: Sam Morrison

Morrison sourced his materials and then printed, packaged, and shipped each flip-flop from inside his own apartment while holding down a full-time job. Even though he started with a budget of a whopping nothing, the concept went viral online. Soon, he found coverage by the mainstream media and the shoes started selling.

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Morrison says his main goal was to sell 1,000 pairs of the flip-flops, something he pulled off with ease. However, if you’re dead-set on sporting our President’s penchant for changing his mind on your feet, you’re out of luck. According to Morrison, the limited offer shoes sold out to buyers from 47 of our 50 great states. As of now, he has no plans to make more in the future, which is a shame since our President provides such a wonderful canvas of non-stop material.

Photo: Sam Morrison

Still, Morrison says if you’re hard up for his art, he’s got some other things in the works, including an interactive book series that has similar political undertones and humor. But be patient. Morrison still holds down a full-time job because being an artist in America means never being free from your corporate overlords, even when your literal work is based on freeing yourself from them.

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Would you use your freedom of speech to sport these wacky shoes in the shower at the gym? Let us know in the comments!

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