Chuck Norris Gives The Wallabies His “Spirit” To Help Them Win The World Cup

The manliest man who ever was a manly man, Chuck Norris, has given the Wallabies his blessing and his fighting “spirit” to help them take down the New Zealand All Blacks at the Rugby World Cup Grand Final in London on Saturday, 31st October.

In an interview with The Today Show, Norris says that while the All Blacks have the Haka, the Wallabies have something a little more powerful.

“The New Zealand All Blacks have the moral war dance, but the Wallabies are going to have the power of Chuck Norris’ spirit there to help them win the game,” Norris says (via Channel 9). “They are going to win the World Cup.”

And with that, Chuck Norris changed the very fabric of the rugby union universe, solidifying the sport as the second most rugged thing in the world – second behind Chuck Norris.

Aside from giving the Wallabies a boost of Chuck Norris proportions, the film star used his Today Show interview to discuss that seemingly undying stream of Chuck Norris memes. Catch a snippet of Norris’ powerful interview with The Today Show, over at the Channel 9 website.

Feature Images: YouTube & Facebook