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16 Reasons Why The ‘Walker Texas Ranger’ Remake Will Never Work

Chuck Norris is world-renowned for kicking baddies into next year (if they survive the journey). He did this for eight seasons (usually in slow-mo) as Cordell Walker on the CBS treasure Walker Texas Ranger. While the show’s delivery was meant to be taken seriously, Norris’ now infamous stoic bravado added an unexpected comedic element—equatable to that of deadpan wrestlers from the ’80s and ’90s. Norris’ legacy, although riddled with hyperbole, has become one ironclad in grit. Exactly how tough is Chuck Norris you ask? This flu season, the flu got a Chuck Norris shot.

It seems fool-hearty for anyone to try and replicate anything Norris has ever done, but that’s just what the CW is doing. In a tragic twist of fact, the network known for producing dignified programs such as Melrose Place and Beverly Hills 90210 reboots has decided to take a shot at Walker Texas Ranger. It will star Supernatural’s Jared Padalecki and, from what we can tell, does not include Norris at all, which is why it will never work. This idea is as flawed as one that sees Keith Richards selling the Total Gym. If you need a reminder of why Norris is essential to the series, here are some GIFS of him being his badass self.

Cover Photo: CBS 

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