The 8 Weirdest Things People Are Buying For Their Coronavirus Lockdown

In these trying times, it’s best not to panic. The sky isn’t falling (though the Dow certainly is). Coronavirus is spreading quicker than a wildfire, but that doesn’t mean you should run around screaming and waving your arms like one of those wacky, waving blow-up guys in front of a used car dealership. Sure, you should be prepared. Go out and buy some food (and beer) and get ready to watch a lot of Netflix in the next few weeks. But you don’t need to yell about the end of days while you buy up all the paper towels, hand sanitizer, and beef burritos at your neighborhood bodega.

But some people didn’t get the memo. All over the country, people are quickly losing their minds. Heck, if Tom Hanks can get coronavirus, anyone can, right? That’s why people are heading out to stock up on supplies. But not everything seems completely necessary. That’s why we decided to list eight of the strangest things people are hoarding in preparation for a coronavirus lockdown.

Photo: Justin Paget (Getty Images) 

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