The 7 Stages of Shelter-in-Place (Are You Losing Your Mind? Find Out Here)

A couple of months ago, none of us even knew what the term “shelter-in-place” meant. We were blissfully ignorant about how hard coronavirus would hit and how much it would affect our everyday lives. Now, here we are, weeks into lockdown, and we’ve become experts on how to not leave the house. It’s been quite the journey, and along the way, we passed through several distinct phases of coping with little social interaction, fresh air, or mind-stimulating activities. We’ve learned a thing or two as well, and today, we’re revealing the seven stages of dealing with shelter-in-place during coronavirus lockdown so you can measure your progress. Have you reached enlightenment yet? Read on to find out!

Cover Photo: Koldunova_Anna (Getty Images)

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