Leg-Lengthening Surgery Increasingly Popular For Men Who Want to Be Taller (Dudes, You’re Elongating the Wrong Body Part)

We all know tall dudes have a leg up – make that two – on the competition. There’s really not an arena where increased height doesn’t equal increased rewards. From being more popular with the ladies to having more authority at work to killing it on the basketball court, there are plenty of reasons why any dude would, given the choice, choose to be tall.

But some guys are going to great lengths – literally – to achieve the dream of being above-average height. Buzzfeed recently profiled a dude named Scott (not his real name) who underwent leg-lengthening surgery to go from a humble 5’7” stature to a more impressive 5’10”, one inch more than the average height for American men.

Scott reportedly spent $75,000 on the surgery, which involves a doctor breaking both of the patient’s femurs and inserting a titanium rod that expands incrementally to create a permanent height increase. It’s an incredibly painful procedure that requires hospitalization, and then it takes up to a year of discomfort – and requires the use of a walker – until the full effect is achieved.

But for Scott, it was worth it. “I was waking up two hours before my alarm every day just to walk around the neighborhood and cry,” he told Buzzfeed about his former status as a runt. (Scott, honey, big boys cry, too.)

“I felt miserable,” he continued. “There were things throughout my day, every day, that would bother me. I felt attacked or unfairly criticized due to my height.”

OK, sure, there’s no, um, shortage of short jokes. But maybe you were unfairly criticized for other reasons…like being a narcissistic asshole? Just a guess.

Regardless of why he was being bullied, Scott hustled and saved a shit-ton of money and got the surgery. Soon he’s going to be a less mockable height.

But, man, we gotta ask: if you’re going to drop $75K to add 3 inches to your body, isn’t there another area that could benefit more from that length? C’mon!

Cover Photo: esthAlto/Michele Constantini (Getty Images)