High-Altitude Space Lounge for Rich People Promises to Make Earth Less Douchey For 6 Hours at a Time

If you’ve ever wanted to unsuccessfully hit on a stranger before awkwardly drinking yourself into a dark corner, but in space, have we got news for you. There’s now a space lounge where you can cross this wholesome solo activity off your bucket list.

Space Perspective, the company behind the new high-tech excursion, boasts the world’s first “carbon-neutral spaceship,” which is a fancy way of saying balloon. The giant balloon that floats up 20 miles above sea level gives lounge lizards a breathtaking view of Earth and the great beyond.

It’s the perfect getaway for first dates that might involve an escape pod.

Company co-founder Jayne Poynter said, “We wanted to find a way that really changed the way people think about spaceflight that makes it much more approachable and accessible.”

Speaking of accessible, the cost of a six-hour laze inside the space lounge will set you back a measly $125,000 per ticket. That’s less than half the price of a seat aboard Virgin Galactic and a mere fraction of the $28 million price tag for a Blue Origin rocket ride (which includes a seat next to Jeff Bezos).

Finally, a space activity for poor rich people.

With 25 flights announced for the first year, Space Perspective’s floating capsule (known as Neptune) offers Wifi so patrons can post selfies to impoverished earthlings and a bar where beverages will likely incur a handsome “space tax” that’ll make you want to punch an alien in the face.

Despite the balloon not technically entering the land of Zero-Gs (with outer space beginning at 62 miles above sea level ), Space Perspective has already sold out its first 600 spots. But that’s no great surprise. Douchebags-in-space was definitely the direction humankind was headed anyway. Bon voyage!

Cover Photo: Space Perspective