Renowned Interior Architect Jamie Bush Designs The Liddel

Renowned “interior architect” Jamie Bush has created a “love letter to modern living” in California – and you can live there. It’s called The Liddel and it is the latest residential offering in Westwood. The building defies the Wilshire Corridor’s staid architectural style with its modern façade and bold lobby. An eclectic mix of woods, metals, and luxurious fabrics combine with astonishing success, creating an aesthetic previously unseen in this neighborhood.

“I’ve been in L.A. for 20 years and I know the Wilshire Corridor, which has always had this very traditional style of architecture,” Bush says. “It feels as though there has been this void in the market for spaces that evoke a California take on modern living.”

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Within the Liddel, there are several urban escapes, like The Salon, a club lounge with a bespoke bar and fireplace, that opens to an exquisite terrace with outdoor seating and water features, doubling as a contemporary garden room. Fresh greens, creams, and pops of color populate the space. There’s also a wine room, an intimate space with patterned tile floors in aubergine hues, ebonized oak walls, and brass accents, where residents can enjoy temperature-controlled storage for their finest vino.

Designed to entice “world-traveled urbanites,” The Liddel reflects Bush’s commitment to approach each new commission “with a discerning and insightful point of view.” The collection of 56 residences offers amenities like 24-hour concierge service, valet service in the private cobblestone motor court, and camera-monitored key FOB elevator access.

Though considered serious, design-wise, the Liddel is simultaneously casual and relaxed, with furnishings that mirror the style of the architecture. Vintage and custom artwork abound throughout the gathering areas, unique colors mingling with swaths of black-and-white patterns.

“We set out to embody the spirit and vitality of a sophisticated yet casually Californian style of modernist living,” Bush says. “There is a huge appeal to California design—this sort of dichotomy of elevated aesthetic and relaxed atmosphere—and that was the balance we were after.”

Bush is well-known for his period and contemporary mash-ups when it comes to furnishings; his ability to pair rich colors and textures with organic, earthy elements is highly regarded, with publication like Architectural Digest, Casa Vogue, Dwell, and the Los Angeles Times taking note. That said, Bush insists that “these spaces are meant to be lived in; not just looked at. There is a timelessness about the overall look, but also an unpredictability. We aren’t doing these beige spaces that are incredibly tailored and safe; we’re using color strategically. There are moments of surprise and delight that enliven the spaces, as well as an approachability and comfortableness to what we’re providing. We didn’t want to create spaces you pass through and occasionally sit in, but rather an extension of your home, your living room—places to gather, connect, and entertain guests.”

Take your own tour of The Liddel here:

Photos provided by The Liddel.


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