Reddit Has ‘Volunteers For Ukraine’ Page For People Who Don’t Know Shit About War But Want to Fight Anyway

Like a lot of people sitting at home watching the unrest unfold in Ukraine because of the Russian invasion, you probably want to do something to help. But this is definitely the wrong way to go about it. We’re talking about a subreddit, r/VolunteersForUkraine, where people with zero experience in war zones have decided to jump into the fray.

It all started in late February when user darkwizard_333 posted, “I want to travel to Ukraine to help but have no military training.” Based in the UK, the Redditor was sick of “sitting around watching what’s happening” but didn’t feel like donating money or protesting would do any good.

“If I travelled to Ukraine is there something I will be able to do to help without being a liability?” they asked. “Don’t want to just turn up and be clueless.”

The forum now boasts 40,000 members, many of whom are equally clueless, inexperienced, and likely to be completely ineffectual if they did manage to show up in Ukraine. And yet, there they are, encouraging one another to splurge on a plane ticket to the embattled country or to enlist in the Georgian National Legion, which is helping Ukraine’s army.

It’s unclear how many men on the thread are actually serious about joining the army and how many are just using the conflict as an opportunity to post selfies of themselves with guns. One thing is obvious, however: these dudes don’t really care about saving civilians or fighting for justice – they want a thrill ride and recognition in the form of adoring internet comments and likes.

You all realize inserting yourself into a war is a terrible idea, right? If anything, you’ll just be in the way of trained military personnel who can actually make a difference. Open up your wallets instead, gentlemen, and throw some money at the aid agencies who are already on the ground. Ukrainians don’t need your pasty, flabby, incompetent American ass to defend them.

Cover Photo: Reddit



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