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Funniest Jokes About Russia (Humor Is the Best Weapon When You Have No Weapons)

It’s been almost three months since Russia invaded Ukraine for reasons that are still unclear (and are certainly unjustified). Since then, thousands of civilian lives have been lost, an epic refugee crisis is underway, and the unrest has triggered already unstable financial markets.

While Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has really risen to the occasion and commanded compassion, assistance, and support from the entire rest of the world, there’s still no end in sight to this war.

So what’s a bystander supposed to do? Some have volunteered to take up arms and travel to Ukraine to fight (probably not a great idea, guys). Others have donated to organizations like UNICEF, The Ukrainian Red Cross, and Mercy Corps (better than nothing). And more have plastered “Support Ukraine” banners on their social media profiles (this is what we call performative activism, people, and it’s pointless). But if you really want to fight the big baddy Vladimir Putin, what can you do?

Tell a joke. Seriously. Given that the higher-ups in Russia have a penchant for silencing people in brutally inhumane ways, the best thing you can do right now is share a hilarious joke about the former Soviet Union. We’ve made it easy by coming up with 10 rib-ticklers that’ll have you laughing at Putin and his cronies, not with them. (He is really creepy when he laughs.)

Without further ado, we present the funniest jokes about Russia – because humor is the best weapon when you have no weapons.


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