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Meanwhile in Central Casting: Twitter Wants Jeremy Renner to Play Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in Inevitable Russian Invasion Biopic

The Russian invasion of Ukraine is barely a week old and already Twitter is hard at work, plotting the cast of the inevitable biopic.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky (who coincidentally is a former actor himself) bears an eerie resemblance to The Hurt Locker star. Both are under 6 feet, with intense eyes, short brown hair and striking jawlines.

“Is it obvious to everybody else that Jeremy Renner is the only logical option to play Zelensky in the biopic screenwriters are almost certainly drafting already?” one Twitter user asked.

The Twitterverse agreed.

But the casting discussion also kicked off heated commentary about Americans and their tone-deaf desire to turn everything into entertainment – even (or especially) war.

“Ukrainians are losing their lives and having their homes/businesses destroyed and we really have people tweeting ‘Jeremy Renner should play Zelensky in the movie about this!!’” one said. “That’s the most pathetic and tasteless thing you could possibly be thinking about right now.”

Point taken. Maybe give it a minute, internet, for the situation to play out before you start casting the film. There are plenty of war movies to tide you over until the Zelensky flick drops.

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