Meanwhile in Catholicism: Bishop Quits the Cloth to Grind Out Some Satanic Erotic Fiction, Take a Guess What His First Title Will Be

When they say love is blind perhaps they were talking about 52-year-old Spanish Bishop, Xavier Novell who quit the cloth after falling for, Silvia, a satanic erotic fiction writer. In what could be the plot of a very bad SNL sketch, Novell, who became Spain’s youngest Bishop in 2010, fell for the author of such acclaimed hits as, “The Hell of Gabriel’s Lust” and the erotic trilogy “Amnesia.”

In true Catholic style, it’s reported that Pope Francis urged Novell to do the right thing, and by that, I mean,  get an exorcism to“free his troubled spirit” – but the former Bishop refused. Thankfully, Novell did do the right thing and left the church to be with his raunchy lady love Silva. The last time Novell was in the news it was for his support of the so-called, “gay conversion therapy.”

Of course, I can’t wait to hear the title of Silva’s next book. Perhaps it will be something like, “The Priest Who Used To Be Into Gay Conversion Therapy But Now Fucks A Sex Writer.” Of course she might go with something less close to home, but why would she when the best source material Silva has is her life?

Cover Photo: @ajr_images (Getty Images)



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