Secret Oral Sex Is the New Zoom Trend Nobody Asked For

Just when you thought Zoom couldn’t get any more awkward, an exhibitionist had to go and start a new sex game trend on the videoconferencing platform. As reported by Mel Magazine, a dude pseudonymed Tyler thought it would be titillating to go down on his wife while she was on a work-related video chat.

“You know what would be a good idea? If I try to make her climax while she’s on a call with 20+ other people. It’ll be funny seeing her try to keep a straight face,” Tyler said of his grand scheme in a Reddit post. All was going well until everyone starting saying their goodbyes, including Tyler’s wife. That’s when he popped his head up and said, “It would’ve been so hot if I made you cum right in front of them all without them even realizing it.”

OK, but you know what’s not hot? Saying that last sentence while several of your wife’s coworkers are still on the call. Somehow, the couple managed to pass it all off as a joke, but of course Tyler couldn’t keep his mouth shut (in more ways than one, as we’ve seen). He went on Reddit and wrote a post titled “TIFU By playing a sex game with my wife in a zoom call” where he detailed his dirty deed. The post went viral and now there’s a whole series of Zoom-themed erotica on Reddit, not to mention a slew of Zoom-based sex content on Pornhub. (Though we can’t give Tyler all the credit for that. There are plenty of pervs to go around.)

This trend makes us long for the innocent days on Zoom, when the worst thing that could happen was some weirdo hacking into your meeting and exposing himself. We don’t even want to see our coworkers’ regular faces during Zoom meetings; their O faces would easily scar us for life, and if anyone saw ours, we’d resign immediately due to mortification.

So the next time you’re on a Zoom call and have either freaky fantasies about getting head or start imagining your coworkers in orgasmic thrall, blame Tyler.

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Cover Photo: Khosrork (Getty Images)

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