Meanwhile in Chicago: Conor McGregor Set a Horrific New Low For First Pitches

Photo: Jonathan Daniel (Getty Images)

If you’re a fan of baseball (or a viewer of viral videos) you know all about celebrities throwing out ceremonial first pitches. Most aren’t very noteworthy as they either bounce it to the catcher, throw it over the play or dribble it, slowly in a not-at-all exciting way. But every now and again, we’re treated to outlandish (sometimes intentional) over-the-top throws from celebrities like Bill Murray, 50 Cent, Mariah Carey, and even Dr. Fauci. The newest celebrity to join this exclusive, embarrassing club is MMA fighter, serial trash talker, Irish whiskey king Conor McGregor.

It all went down at iconic Wrigley Field as the Chicago Cubs were set to take on the Minnesota Twins. To say the 33-year-old tattooed titan’s throw was bad is the understatement of the millennium. His opening pitch was so epically bad, it just might be the worst celebrity pitch ever thrown. While some attempt to get the ball over the plate and short hop it or bounce it over the catcher’s head, McGregor didn’t get the ball anywhere near the catcher. His throw was so insane, that if he was attempting to throw the ball to a player in the visitor’s dugout it might have actually been good.

Even though this video went viral, we’re positive McGregor couldn’t care less. For him, good or bad, any publicity is good publicity.