Hospital Renames ‘Breast Milk’ to ‘Human Milk,’ And We’ve Lost Our Appetite

Despite the fact we never order it for dessert anymore, breast milk doesn’t sound completely unappetizing. Many of us survived the first few months of life eating nothing but this creamy cordial. With its ability to nourish the body, stimulate brain development, and even fight infection, it’s a miracle tonic unlike any other. But now, the beverage enjoyed by countless connoisseurs since the dawn of humankind is getting a rebrand. Say hello to human milk.

Sure, it may conjure up strange images of your neighbor Bob hooked up to an industrial milking machine. (At first.) But a U.K hospital is hoping their rebranding efforts pay off. As more non-binary and transgender pregnancies seek birth care, Brighton and Sussex Maternity are rewriting the language of labor to better suit the needs of modern families.

“We acknowledge the additional challenges that gender identity can have on pregnancy, birth, and infant feeding,” Brighton and Sussex Maternity posted to Twitter. “Our approach has been carefully considered to be inclusive of trans & non-binary birthing people without excluding the language of women or motherhood,”

Other changes to their glossary include “chestfeeding,” and the term “pregnant people” instead of “expectant mother” wherever applicable. Citing research showing, “Discrimination in the provision of services can cause trans, genderqueer, and intersex people to delay or avoid necessary health care services often to the point of putting their overall health at risk,” Brighton and Sussex Maternity are paving the way to egalitarian healthcare.

“I am looking forward to a time when this standard of inclusive care is in fact business as usual for the whole of the NHS,” said Amanda Clifton, head of midwifery.

Finally, a hospital is working for a more inclusive healthcare system that provides high quality, unbiased healthcare for all? We love that idea. Just don’t order us any human milk with our coffee, please.

Cover Photo: AdrianaCahova (Getty Images)

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