Nissan’s “Office Pod” Camper Van Lets You Telecommute From Literally Anywhere

The coronavirus pandemic, and subsequent quarantine, sent droves of people in office jobs to working from home. But if you don’t have to show up in person to reassure the boss that you’re being productive, why should you be limited to working from home? That’s the idea behind Nissan’s new camper van, which allows you to work from, well, anywhere.

It’s called the Office Pod Concept. While the van’s aesthetic is still a little kidnapper-y (but stylishly so), the interior is thoroughly modern and high tech. It’s outfitted with a large desk space, a modified Cosm chair by Herman Miller, electric shades, ambient lighting, and a glovebox wired with a UV antibacterial lamp.

“For the past year, (the) coronavirus pandemic has significantly accelerated the work-from-home trend and many office workers are now having a variety of issues working home,” Nissan said in press materials. “Nissan wants to solve these issues by giving those workers more choice of where and how they work.”

Like a regular camper van, this vehicle has multiple configurations. Want to work al fresco? Just tap the app, and watch as the pod extends outside of the van. Want to soak up the sun while you catch up on your email? Head to the roof, where you can recline under a parasol.

Unfortunately for us all, this van is more fantasy than reality. The vehicle was built for the Tokyo Auto Salon. It’s a modified version of the automaker’s NV350 Caravan, which currently only retails in Japan, and will set you back 2.3 million to 4 million yen ($22,000 to $38,000 in U.S. dollars).

So don’t expect to pack it all in and haul ass to the middle of nowhere anytime soon. If you want to run away responsibly, you’ll have to get your own van and outfit it accordingly. But at least you have this one for inspiration.

Photos: Nissan

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