Study Reveals Ranking of Sexiest Accents in 2020, Unless You’re Wearing a Mask and Can’t Understand Anyone

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There’s no doubt that some people completely judge others by their accent. If you meet someone with an educated-sounding English accent you’re bound to just assume they’re intelligent. Speaking to someone with a thick Southern drawl might have the opposite effect. But all an accent can really tell you is where a person is from, nothing else. That doesn’t stop people from finding certain accents sexier than others.

You might be surprised to know that in all of the accents in the world, woman find the Scottish to be sexiest. No wonder Gerard Butler still manages to find work. It’s obviously not his acting keeping him on the big screen.

This is according to a recent survey from The Knowledge Academy in the United Kingdom. The organization surveyed 2,500 single men and women, simply asking which accents they found appealing and which they didn’t.

While Scottish is the most appealing accent for women (86 percent) to hear, 88 percent of men said they found the Spanish accent my most pleasing to their ears. On top of that, only 29 percent of men said they found the Scottish accent to be sexy.

In second place for men is Brazilian Portuguese (76 percent) and Australian (72 percent). On the female side, they stayed in the British Isles with Irish taking second place (77 percent) followed by Italian (68 percent).

The American accent only made the men’s list. It’s in the fourth spot, right below Australia. Sadly, it didn’t even crack the top 10 on the women’s list. We can only assume that Minnesota, Boston, and New Jersey are to blame.

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