American Gal Wakes Up With English Accent After Head Injury

Photo: RistoArnaudov (Getty Images)

Sometimes I wish I had an English accent. Then everything I said would actually sound deep and wise and very Idris Alba, instead of what the tone of my voice usually does to folks: causes everyone to shriek.

Ashley Bosma, a 28-year-old woman from Hollywood, Florida, went through quite the traumatic event when she was knocked out during a break-in last October. After being treated, Bosma was well. That is until a month passed and Bosma realized that she no longer had an American accent, but had instead developed an English accent. Now doctors believe Bosma has foreign accent syndrome, which is a rare speech disorder found in people with brain injuries.

Here’s what Bosma had to say about this bizarre turn of events:

“I have never been to the UK or even anywhere near it so it is a real mystery how this has happened. The only exposure I have had was a former work colleague who was a Brit and I loved his accent but I haven’t spoken to him for about three years.

My friends and family think it is really funny. They quote lines from ‘Monty Python’ and even ‘Mrs Doubtfire’ at me and finish off conversations with ‘Cheerio’ or some other British mannerisms.”

Check out the video below to hear Bosma’s new accent:

Bosma also added this:

“At first I couldn’t understand what was happening and my lips and jaw were hurting and I spoke with the same dialect but didn’t sound like my normal self. My husband was there to see it as I had a meeting at home with a Russian fitness trainer and overheard me and he actually thought I was trying to mock the person I was with.

People think it’s fake, that it’s something not real – I don’t like to record myself much because I sound funny.”

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Police are still on the hunt for the person who hit Bosma with what police believe was a cast iron skillet. But for now Bosma will continue on with her life with her British accent. Well, it’s only right we now look back at what the majority of Americans sound like trying to do an English accent.