Drunk Bro Gets Trapped Behind Roll-Up Gate After He ‘Fell Asleep,’ Not-So-Good Samaritan Leaves Him There (Video)

Drunk people get into the craziest situations. If they’re lucky, someone sober is around to help them out. If not, maybe they’ll learn their lesson?

Let’s hope the latter was the case for a young UK man. He apparently had a few too many and ended up locked behind a storefront security gate…for an entire night.

A stranger passing by heard someone banging on the gate, but instead of helping, he filmed the unusual incident.

“You all right, mate?” the man filming the video asks.

“I can’t get out!” the drunkard is heard yelling.

“How’d you get in there?” the videographer inquires.

“I fell asleep last night … and someone locked me in!”

“You’ve been locked in the shutter?”


“Shit, man…”

The videographer has a hearty laugh at the drunkard’s expense, exclaiming, “That is fucking classic.”

He even compliments the idiot, saying, “I’ll tell you what, man, you fucking just brightened my morning with that.”

And then he leaves!

“All the best, brother!” he yells in parting.

Oof. So much for being the good Samaritan.

As for the drunkard, well, you know what they say: asking for help is the first step…

Cover Photo: New York Post



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