The Best English Actors You Couldn’t Tell Were English

Photo: AMC

It’s hard enough being an actor and pretending to be somebody you’re not, but English actors have it much worse. They have to pretend not to be English most of the time! Here are some of the best English actors you couldn’t tell were English. Sorry, Charlie Hunnam, but you are blatantly, obviously English.

Christian Bale

The former Bruce Wayne never appears English, except when he goes off on set. Then, it’s unmistakably clear he’s very English and may have some rage issues. Despite a slew of large roles, including “The Big Short,” “American Psycho” and a number of Christopher Nolan films, there aren’t too many moments where you wonder, “Hey wait, is this dude British?”

Naomi Watts

The Best English Actors You Couldn't Tell Were English

The star of one of the year’s most underrated films (“Demolition”) and one of the hottest, classic actresses in the world, Naomi Watts has fooled us again. Personally, I didn’t even recognize her as the Russian sex worker in “St. Vincent.” Between that role and her girl-on-girl on-screen kissing, it’s no wonder why she’s one of our favorites. In addition, “Pirates of the Caribbean” star, Naomie Harris, is also surprisingly English.

Idris Elba

The Best English Actors You Couldn't Tell Were English

As far as who will be the next James Bond, we think this surprisingly English actor would do the trick. It makes sense, as he’s well-groomed and well-dressed, but perhaps if he had more tea, we’d have caught on. Not only does it make him more qualified to play the iconic Bond, it makes his roles in “Pacific Rim,” “The Wire” and the “Thor” movies more impressive. Now we have to watch “Zootopia” to see just how Hackney this guy is.

Damian Lewis

The Best English Actors You Couldn't Tell Were English

Another candidate for the next 007, the “Homeland” actor from St. John’s Wood who has gone on to another Showtime hit, “Billions,” is also a spot of English as well. Despite being around for decades, Lewis is only recently on our radar with his hits on Showtime. Maybe it’s time for this English fellow to step up and play double agent.

Rosamund Pike

The Best English Actors You Couldn't Tell Were English

The sadistic “Gone Girl” girl, Rosamund Pike, does look English with her fair skin and classic features, now that we think of it. The London-born actress might’ve given herself away when she played Bond girl in “Die Another Day” back in 2002, or perhaps her role in “Pride and Prejudice.” Okay, now we feel stupid not having known she was English.

Andrew Lincoln

The Best English Actors You Couldn't Tell Were English

Who knew the leader of the survivors was actually English? This changes everything. Andrew Lincoln, better known as Rick (more like shitty Carl’s dad), was born in London back in the ’70s where he spent his time in Yorkshire. Fun fact: Lennie James who plays his counterpart in season six of “The Walking Dead” also has an English accent, but that doesn’t surprise us as much, for some reason. So who do you think died at the end of “The Walking Dead” season six?

Tom Hardy

The Best English Actors You Couldn't Tell Were English

Another Christopher Nolan favorite, Tom Hardy might be somewhat known as British, but you’re usually too taken by his scenes to notice, between “The Revenant,” “Warrior,” “Mad Max” and his role as Bane in “The Dark Knight Rises.” He can be seen now in the third season of the epic Netflix original, “Peaky Blinders.”

Mischa Barton

The Best English Actors You Couldn't Tell Were English

Former “it” girl of decade-old soap “The OC,” Mischa Barton actually grew up in London before her family relocated to New York. She picked up early roles on “Notting Hill” and “The Sixth Sense” before she caught our eye on Jason Schwartz’s Fox drama, and since then she’s been busy but relatively quiet as she turned 30 this year. Must be the polite Brit in her.

Dominic West

Costar of “The Affair” alongside Ruth Wilson, Dominic West is not only English, he’s part of another of the most underrated films of the year. West was a big part of the hit show, “The Wire,” and now can be seen rolling into season three of “The Affair” this fall, which is not only one of the most underrated TV shows, it’s one of the best. Look at you, Dominic West, English AND underrated!