Adrian Zamarripa reacts after Adrian and his mother, Beatriz Flores, went for a ride in Jeremy Neves' Lamborghini Huracan in Ogden, Utah, Tuesday, May 5, 2020. Adrian, who tried to drive his parents' car to California Monday and was stopped by the Utah Highway Patrol, got the ride Tuesday from Neves who heard about the news and drove his car from another county. (Scott G Winterton/The Deseret News via AP)

5-Year-Old Boy Who Stole Car Is Rewarded With Lamborghini Ride, That’ll Teach Him!

We’ve all threatened to run away from home when we didn’t get what we wanted (still do!). But 5-year-old Adrian Zamarripa was the only child with the balls to steal his parents’ car and attempt to drive to California to buy a Lamborghini. His negotiation skills must be exceptional considering he only had $3 to his name.

Fortunately, a Utah highway patrolman stopped him before any tragedy occurred. Adrian was returned to his parents, who would give him a few extra chores. And you would think the story ends there, but not these days! One local businessman heard about Adrian and his incredible misadventure and decided to reward the boy’s grand theft auto with a ride in his own Lamborghini. That’ll teach him.

What’s next for Adrian? Only time and the news will tell.

Jeremy Neves (a man we hope does not have children of his own) says he was “absolutely inspired” by Adrian’s initiative of going after what he wants, even if that means it’s highly illegal and could kill countless people. But on a lighter note, cars go fast!

So let this be a lesson to all your youngsters: If you can do it in a video game, you can do it anywhere.

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