Batman Unburied

The Darkest Knight: The Next Black Man to Voice Batman Is None Other Than…

The Batman’s theatrical run isn’t even over yet, but we’re already getting another iteration of the dark knight…in podcast format. That’s right, a new Batman podcast is coming to Spotify. This time, however, we’re getting the darkest knight to date because we’re about to be introduced to our next black Batman! Following Jeffery Wright, the first black man to voice Batman, is none other than the amazing Winston Duke!

The narrative podcast, which is titled Batman Unburied, will introduce a different take on Bruce Wayne that we know. This time, Bruce is working as a forensic pathologist in Gotham Hospital to examine the victims of a serial killer named The Harvester. Any guesses on what he’s harvesting? It doesn’t take a forensic pathologist to figure that one out. 

Based on what we know about this new storytelling podcast, this version of Batman will lean into the psychological aspects of the character. Something more akin to Mindhunter or Silence of the Lambs than a traditional Batman story. Check out the trailer for Batman Unburied below.

As you can tell, this trailer for Batman Unburied is unsurprisingly polished, with all the bells and whistles that you would expect from a Spotify Original. More interesting than this is the fact that eight different versions of the podcast will be released simultaneously. While all of the versions will be based on the original U.S. script, each will feature its own regional cast and crew on the project. 

Rather than simply hiring multi-lingual voice actors, crews in Mexico, Brazil, Germany, France, Italy, India, Indonesia, and Japan, will represent all of their respective regions on May 3. So not only are we getting the first black actor to voice Batman but the first actors from all of these respective countries as well. If you listen close enough, you’d be able to hear conservative tears being shed worldwide as we speak.

Cover Photo: Spotify


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