The Mandatory Batman Guide to the Dark Knight Bedtime Routine (CBD Not Included)

Robert Pattinson’s Batman is a true detective story. But while it reveals secrets about the Riddler, Penguin, and Gotham itself, it leaves one mystery hidden from view. How does The Batman get ready for bed?

Comic book fans demand answers, and yet we’re met with questions. Does he floss? Who’s the last person he texts before turning out the light? Does he sleep in the buff or monogrammed pajamas? No one knows. Because Bruce Wayne’s bedtime routine is the real secret he’s been hiding all these years. (Probably because it’s X-Rated.)

Outsnooping one of the greatest sleuths in history was no easy feat. But we managed to get the full scoop using an English butler and two empty bottles of peach schnapps.

Buckle up because it’s bedtime for Batman.

Cover Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures


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