The Mandatory Guide to Batman Day: 10 Ways to Celebrate the Fire Rising

For the past 80 years, Batman has been as much of a part of pop culture as Santa Claus, The Simpsons, and Elvis. First written as a comic book character used to capitalize on the success of Superman, Batman has since transcended the medium. He has appeared in movies, television shows, animated series, and more. Batman has been the subject of a vast variety of toys, video games, Halloween costumes — even pinball machines! To say Batman is a pop culture icon is like saying Michael Jackson had a couple of hits. It’s a massive understatement because Batman is a household name in any country on the planet.

Now, and for the past few years, Batman even has his own official day! Sept. 19, 2020, is the official date of “Batman Day” this year and, for your benefit, we have compiled a helpful guide of activities that you can do on Batman’s very own day. From movie marathons to sexy and mysterious roleplay adventures, we’ve got it all. He is Batman and this is the Mandatory Guide to Batman Day.

Cover Photo: DC Comics

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