Christian Bale’s Batman Advice to Rob Pattinson Isn’t What You’d Expect (And It’s Not Full of Crap)

Photo: Frazer Harrison (Getty Images)

Christian Bale isn’t known for his easy-going, sparkling personality. In fact, the Oscar winner is just as well-known for his method acting as his moody behavior, including screaming obscenities at a crew member while filming Terminator: Salvation a few years ago. This is why, when we heard the actor who once donned the disguise of the caped crusader gave new Batman Robert Pattinson some advice, we didn’t have high hopes. But, in the pantheon of possible advice, what he said was actually pretty helpful.

Matt Reeves, the director of The Batman, the new movie starring Pattinson, told a DC FanDome panel that Bale recently gave the younger actor some advice. The advice wasn’t for him to stop trying to live up to Bale’s level of acting or tips on how to make your voice sound as grizzled as possible. No, his advice was all about the bathroom.

He said that Bale talked to Pattinson and told him to be sure that he’d be able to take the suit off easily to use the restroom. He didn’t want the actor to get stuck in the suit and have to hold in his urine for an extended amount of time just to portray the iconic comic book character.

But, surprisingly, this isn’t the first time Bale has given advice to Batman actors. Ben Affleck once said that Bale told him to make sure his suit had a zipper because his suit didn’t.

It’s nice to know that Bale cares enough to give his fellow Batman actors valuable advice. But it also seems like he might have an obsession with always being able to get to a bathroom. He might want to get that checked out by a doctor.

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